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Let an attorney draft your lease agreement

Creating a lease agreement is a necessary step for any landlord. You need to protect yourself and your property while creating an agreement that's considerate and fair for your future tenants. Attorney Daniel Castricone at Castricone & Heavner Law can help you draft your lease. He'll work closely with you to address your concerns and create a lease agreement you're comfortable with.

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Why you need an attorney to write your lease agreement

Why you need an attorney to write your lease agreement

When you’re ready to start creating a lease agreement, you’ll want to make sure an attorney is there to oversee the process. An attorney can help you:

  • Understand laws relevant to your lease
  • Protect yourself and your tenants
  • Write a clear and easy-to-understand contract

Providing protection for both the tenant and the property owner will help both parties feel more comfortable and encourage an amicable relationship from day one. Contact an attorney now to start drafting your lease.