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Let an attorney assist with your title search

A title search allows an attorney to examine public records filed for a property, discovering any potential claims of ownership and other unforeseen issues. This process takes about two weeks and helps protect the buyer from any future financial mistakes. Trust Castricone Law P.C. to conduct your title search.

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What is a title search?

What is a title search?

Titles searches are a normal part of buying any piece of property. A title search will help protect you if you're interested in buying a property. Allowing an attorney to take a close look at the title will:

  • Alert you to any defects to the property
  • Confirm the seller is the legal owner of a property
  • Reveal any special taxes or assessments on the property

You need to be aware of any potential tax issues or liens on a property before you buy it. These circumstances could create problems that reduce the value of your new land or cause legal liabilities.

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