Protect Your Rights When Closing on a Property

Consult a real estate lawyer in Tuxedo Park, New York

You've likely done your due diligence when picking a property: checking the property for obvious flaws, scheduling a home inspection and requesting an appraisal. Have you given your closing documents the same scrutiny? If not, contact a real estate lawyer in Tuxedo Park, NY as soon as possible.

Castricone & Heavner Law is a local real estate law firm. Attorney Daniel Castricone has more than two decades of experience handling house closings and is available 24/7 to assist you. Call 845-351-8777 today to schedule your free consultation.

What to expect during closing

What to expect during closing

House closings can be complicated, but you can trust a real estate lawyer to handle the details. At Castricone & Heavner Law, you can rest easy knowing we'll conduct your...

  • Contract review: Before signing on the dotted line, ensure that you understand the contract terms. Attorney Castricone can explain your legal obligations in detail.
  • Title search and examination: Attorney Castricone will research court and property tax documents to verify the property's legal owner and check for any claims or liens.
  • Closing document preparation: Have questions about what kinds of documents to bring to the closing table? Just ask.

You'll have peace of mind when you rely on our real estate law firm. Contact our Tuxedo Park, NY office today to make an appointment.