Fight Back Against an Unfair Speeding Ticket

Castricone & Heavner Law CAN HELP YOU FIGHT YOUR CASE

When you get a speeding ticket, the amount of money you owe and how many points you receive on your license depends how fast you were going. If you were pulled over for speeding on the Thurway or Route 87, you need to speak with an attorney to keep your driving record clean. Castricone & Heavner Law will represent you and work to make sure that there are no points, no traffic school, and no court appearances in most cases. Call Castricone & Heavner Law to get your speeding violation charges reduced or dismissed altogether.

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A speeding ticket is one of the most common traffic violations. However, many people pay speeding tickets and receive points on their driving record when they have options to fight their ticket instead. Hiring an attorney to get the ticket reduced or dismissed (if possible) will save you money while you can can sit back and relax, rely on them to do all the work, including appear in court on the driver's behalf.

Here are a few reasons to hire Castricone & Heavner Law for your speeding violation:

1. Dan understands that the legal system can intimidate and overwhelm anyone - and is here to help find the answers and create the solutions you need.

2. Dan is knowledgeable about New York State law, has fought many tickets issued on the Thruway and Route 87, and is familiar with the court system.

3. Dan will represent you and guarantee, in most cases, that there are no points, no traffic school, and no court appearances.

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