A Speeding Ticket Can Slow Down Your Life

A Speeding Ticket Can Slow Down Your Life

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Does a recent traffic ticket have you stressed? Castricone & Heavner Law will gladly take care of it for you. Thanks to an extensive knowledge of the legal system in the Tuxedo Park, NY area, our traffic ticket lawyer can process your ticket quickly-often on the same day we receive it.

You can count on us to do everything possible to fight for your rights. You are innocent unless they can prove you are guilty. Our willingness to fight often results your traffic ticket being reduced to a warning or a low or no point infraction. Learn more about how you can fight your traffic ticket in Tuxedo Park, NY by calling 845-351-8777 now. We specialize in the Tuxedo, Sloatsburg and Monroe area courts.

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Were you caught in a speeding trap in the Tuxedo Park, NY area? Fight your traffic ticket with help from Castricone Law. You'll love our:

  • Record turnaround times
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We help clients avoid points on their licenses regularly. Don't fight your traffic ticket alone. Send it to a traffic ticket defense lawyer in Tuxedo Park, New York today.