Why Should the Court Divide Your Estate and Assets?

Make your wishes known by writing a will

When you pass away, your estate will move into probate. If you die without a legal will, it will be up to the court system to decide how your assets will be distributed to your family. Decide for yourself by drafting and signing a will in advance. Castricone & Heavner Law can explain your options and help you choose from different types of wills.

The most common wills include:

  • Last wills and testaments, which enforce your interests after you pass
  • Living wills, which determine your health care plan if you become incapacitated
  • Joint wills, which allow you and your spouse to make decisions about joint assets

If you want long-term control over your assets, a trust will let you designate a third party to distribute your estate as you see fit. Protect your estate by working with attorney Daniel Castricone today.

Who should write a will?

Wills aren't just for the elderly. Anyone who wants full control over where their assets end up can benefit from a will. If you have significant assets, children or a spouse, a will can help you protect your interests.

You can also help your family avoid potential legal battles by having a will. Making every necessary decision in advance will help prevent conflict and make the eventual probate process as smooth as possible.

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